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DEATH'S BLACK TRAIN EP, Release Date Dec. 6th, 2012


"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water The Raymen spew out a vile dirty thick oil-slick from the depths of prehistoric mystery in the form of

Death’s Black Train.

It contaminates the lake and leaves you paralyzed with fear on the swimming platform.

This bullet from Berlin does not relent. From the dark and driving ‘Flame On’ to ‘Long Tall Shadow’, the EP delivers the corpse of Psycho/Country/Death/Swamp/Blues Billy in a jacked-up metal flake hearse to Baron Frankenstein’s laboratory.


It gives you no choice; it demands to live and drives you to the very edge of sanity as the sparks of electricity fly from the turntable.

With fifteen albums since 1985 under their belt of shrunken heads, this hoodoo voodoo blend proves beyond doubt that lunacy lives and fear still lurks in these dark and dangerous velvety vinyl grooves.

No, they’re not a “Cramps wannabe band” but Hank Ray’s dark haunting vocals call to you like the ghost of the dearly departed Lux Interior, beckoning you to cross over to the other, more mysterious, side of the universe. As you fall to your knees tearfully masturbating to ‘Weird Generation’, the vision of Interior will surely come to you as you climax during those final echoing beats.

‘City Of The Living Dead’ transports you into the kitschiest Zombie B-Movie you’ve ever seen whilst the reanimated cadaver of Johnny Cash slips a guitar on one last time for ‘Death Black Train’.

And when you think this cake just can’t be iced, The Fuzztones’ very own Rudi Protrudi provides backing vocals on the haunting ‘Long Tall Shadow (With Fire Eyes)’. Marzipan with royal icing and fucking cherries on top.

If you don’t buy it you will die, if you do buy it you will die. You may as well buy it and die happy." Review by Carl Byron Batson, Nov. 16, 2012 for Trebuchet Magazine.com


"DEATH'S BLACK TRAIN" is available on vinyl with 300 copies total, among them two different SPECIAL EDITIONS that are limited to 25 and 50 copies, respectively.

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