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Hank Ray Interview (Part 1)


by Col. Jon Burrows on Mar 25, 2013

Sitting on the front porch on a balmy Memphis evening with a glass of fine Bourbon in my hand, the scent of warm cut grass on the breeze and Little Jimmy Scott echoing from the stereo is pretty damned close to heaven.

To be truthful to y’all, I was trying to piece my head back together after listening to a preview of Hank Ray and The Raymen’s latest album, Sinister Funtime. Having read the recent reviews I just had to have me a listen. I tell you something… it sure twisted my gourd.

With so little information available on the man, I deemed it necessary to track down the unique talent that is Hank Ray immediately to answer a few important questions. He was found languishing in Berlin, snakeskin boots and all. Be prepared for an education.........

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