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Invitation to Heartbreak & Hellfire!

The whole gang here at the Home of Ray would like to welcome you at Deathcountry.net - the musical home of HANK RAY and THE RAYMEN.

Here at Deathcountry.net you can buy high quality 320 kBit/s MP3 digital copies of all The Raymen and Hank Ray music that has been released over the past years and lots of stuff that has NEVER been available before, like “SNAKE TWISTS & SALVATION COCKTAILS – THE HALLOWEEN ’87 LIVE RECORDINGS”…a full concert by The Raymen recorded back in the eighties… AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!!

There’ll be more unreleased stuff that we’re gonna ramble on about later…promise!!!

Some albums like The Raymen's legendary "Desert Drive" from 1986, the 1985 debut album "Going Down to Death Valley" or the ’87 double-EP “From the Trashcan to the Ballroom” that have been out of print for years are available here – re-mastered - as high-quality digital downloads for the first time in the band’s history. Even The Raymen's first ever release "Alien Kill", originally released as a cassette tape in 1984, is available here re-mastered and strong as ever.

For most albums, you will find two versions, the re-mastered original version and a new extended version that has demos, studio outtakes, acoustic versions and studio warm-ups, that were specifically recorded in connection with the particular album.

Of course, some of the bonus material has appeared on various compilations over the past 25 years, but a great big batch of previously unreleased material is available here for the first time.

You can always choose to buy the whole album or single tracks, with a discount for the whole album. Each album download comes with the original artwork.

All albums are presented in alphabetical order. For a chronological discography, please visit the websites  www.hankray.net and www.theraymen.com.

Please use the link below or the tab in the top navigation to proceed to the music store.

For payment you need a PayPal account. Your selection of music is ready for download here on the website immediately after completion of your payment. After your payment, an email with a download link will also be sent to you.

Please, note that all prices are in   EUROS, not  US DOLLARS. You will find a link to a currency converter at the bottom of the page.

But Deathcountry.net is a little bit more than just a music store, we will also keep you informed about news, shows, new releases and everything else that's going on in the Ray Universe.

For more information on Hank Ray and The Raymen, like full discography, downloadable lyrics and guitar tabs, interviews and more, please visit their websites via the links in this article.

Here on Deathcountry.net we only sell high quality digital downloads, the file format is 320 kBit MP3.

Now if you are more of a CD or even vinyl guy.....there is a limited amount of autographed CD's and vinyl available, coming directly from Hank Ray's personal stock. For a list of available titles and prices send an email to HankRay@deathcountry.net.

Now check out the site, browse through the music, have fun. If you like this page and our services, feel free to leave us a message in the guestbook.

(Due to lots of spam entries, we decided to close the guestbook. Once we find a spam-free solution, it will be back up again. In the meantime, please contact us via email. You find all the relevant email addresses here. Thank you.)

If you have any ideas how we could further improve our customer service on this page, we’d love to hear from you as well.

But hey, be cool and make cool comments…COOL?!

Click to proceed to the store.....

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