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Billion Sellers Digital MP3 Album 8,99 €

The Raymen


"LONG-OUT-OF-PRINT-EARLY-90'IES-MASTERPIECE" including the Australian single "Buzzsaw Baby Of The Hollywood Hills" b/w “Chosen One”, “Rock-A-Rolla ‘99” plus "Highway To Your Soul", “Baby Snake Charmer”, “Trash Bomb Baby”, “Train to Hell” and many more...

Double CD extended version has tons of bonus material. Some tracks are available there for the first time ever!

Format: MP3 320kBit/s


Please note that by clicking the BUY Button you are buying and receiving an MP3 320kBit/s digital download copy of this album. You are not buying and receiving a CD hard copy nor a vinyl album. Please also note that these transactions are final and there are no refunds.

An email with a download link will be sent to the email address connected with your Paypal account. If you do not receive an email with a download link, please check your spam folder.

If you should experience any technical difficulties with your download, please contact us at raymusic@gmx.net or via the contact button in the top menue.

If you are interested in buying a CD hard copy or a vinyl album, please contact us via the contact button in the top menue and we will send you a list of available items.

Thank you for doing business with us.

[ Buy Digital MP3 Album ] €8.99
# Track Name Duration Preview +Add
1 Baby Doll 3:37 €0.79
2 Lovers Arms 2:07 €0.79
3 Save My Soul from the Junkyard of Your Love 2:13 €0.79
4 Sea of Fire 2:53 €0.79
5 Chosen One (Single version - Giant Claw, Australia) 2:49 €0.79
6 Star of the 21st Century 3:33 €0.79
7 Buzzsaw Baby of the Hollywood Hills (Single version - Giant Claw, Australia) 3:26 €0.79
8 Trash Bomb Baby 2:18 €0.79
9 Highway to Your Soul 3:54 €0.79
10 Baby Snake Charmer 3:53 €0.79
11 Train to Hell 1:58 €0.79
12 Bonfire 2:52 €0.79
13 Pre-Teen High Priestess of Rock' n' Roll 2:10 €0.79
14 Rock-A-Rolla '99 (Single version - Giant Claw, Australia) 1:56 €0.79
15 Swinging in the Tombs of Egypt 3:16 €0.79
16 There's a Ghost in My Living Room Called Lonesome 2:39 €0.79

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