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Ballads From The Badlands Of Hearts Digital MP3 Album 7,99 €

Hank Ray


Here's the tag team of Hank and Hank tugging at your heartstrings…and we mean it!!!

From the blues of "Six More Miles To The Graveyard" to the moody slow-motion grooves of "Alone And Forsaken" (one of Hank Williams, Sr.’s few minor compositions); from the tear-jerkin’ country weeper "Lost On The River" to the gospel of "The Pale Horse And His Rider" and "The Angel Of Death" the entire scenario is haunted by the vision of a one-eyed Lee Hazlewood leading Blind Lemon Jefferson down Death Country Lane.

The EXTENDED VERSION has never before released session outtakes that are sure worth checking out!

Format: MP3 320kBit/s


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[ Buy Digital MP3 Album ] €7.99
# Track Name Duration Preview +Add
1 Six More Miles to the Graveyard 3:29 €0.79
2 Lost on the River 2:57 €0.79
3 Somebody's Lonesome 3:04 €0.79
4 Men with Broken Hearts 4:08 €0.79
5 A Stranger in the night 3:26 €0.79
6 Your Turn to Cry 2:49 €0.79
7 Alone and Forsaken 4:49 €0.79
8 The Pale Horse and His Rider 3:38 €0.79
9 I Told a Lie to My Heart 3:07 €0.79
10 Forever Is a Long Long Time 3:02 €0.79
11 The Angel of Death 2:47 €0.79
12 Wedding Bells 4:38 €0.79

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