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Countricide       Digital MP3 Album 7,99 €

Hank Ray

“Hank Ray has stared deeply into the eyes of Satan and has lived to sing about the experience.

Musically, this music sometimes sounds like an unholy union of Johnny Cash’s world-weary baritone and the feedback drenched sounds of The Jesus And Mary Chain.The combination of his pure country vocals with some fearsome industrial noise is startling.

At other points, he’s reminiscent of Hank Williams’ bleaker moments…There’s little doubt that Luke the Drifter would approve. These tunes are somehow simultaneously bleak and oddly uplifting.

Dark, disturbing and brilliant!” From: ‘Cool And Strange Music’- Magazine # 22, Aug. – Nov. ‘01

Check out the out-standing “Ghost of Your Love”, “Lover’s Lament”, “Sleep, Haunted Heart” , “Helldorado”, “The House I Live in (Is the Home of an Evil Spirit) andandand……

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[ Buy Digital MP3 Album ] €7.99
# Track Name Duration Preview +Add
1 Ghost of your Love 3:32 €0.79
2 The House I Live in 5:17 €0.79
3 Helldorado 4:41 €0.79
4 Lovers Lament 4:17 €0.79
5 Lord the Ground Is Cold as Clay 4:11 €0.79
6 Sleep Haunted Heart 4:01 €0.79
7 Overshadowed 3:38 €0.79
8 Narcotic Highway (US version) 4:15 €0.79
9 Behind Brown Eyes 2:54 €0.79
10 The Day Sweet Valerie Turned Evil 3:18 €0.79
11 Death Letter 3:26 €0.79
12 Heaven Sent or Born in Hell 4:27 €0.79
13 Rubber Room (European version) 4:13 €0.79

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