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Going Down To Death Valley         Digital MP3 Album 8,99 €

The Raymen

The classic debut album by The Raymen recorded way back in 1985, produced by Jimmi Quidd (Bad Brains, Dots, Undead, etc.) features some of the all - time faves with our hard-core fans like “Hillbilly Werewolf”, “Locomotion”, “Going Down to Death Valley”, “Wild Wind”, “Lonely Train”, “Haunted House upon the Hill”.

It has never been released in re-mastered digital form and is now exclusively available – for you - on Deathcountry.net for digital download!

Comes with the original cover art!!

Format: MP3 320kBit/s


Please note that by clicking the BUY Button you are buying and receiving an MP3 320kBit/s digital download copy of this album. You are not buying and receiving a CD hard copy or a vinyl album. Please also note that these transactions are final and there won't be any refunds.

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[ Buy Digital MP3 Album ] €8.99
# Track Name Duration Preview +Add
1 Lonely Train 2:17 €0.79
2 Locomotion 2:39 €0.79
3 Hoodoo Tribe 2:24 €0.79
4 The Haunted House upon the Hill 2:08 €0.79
5 Going down to Death Valley 2:01 €0.79
6 Go, Bo Diddley! 4:12 €0.79
7 Hillbilly Werewolf 1:32 €0.79
8 Alligator Girl 3:09 €0.79
9 It Came from Outer Space 2:17 €0.79
10 Man from Mars 3:04 €0.79
11 Ju-Ju Brain 2:42 €0.79
12 Paralyzed 1:49 €0.79
13 Wild Wind 3:15 €0.79

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