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Lucifer's Right Hand Men                 (Extended Version) Digital MP3 Album 11,99 €

The Raymen



A big fave with the Goth-A-Billy-Country-Garage freaks!!

Recorded in 1998, “Lucifer’s Right Hand Men” includes “I Remember”, “Behind Brown Eyes”, “Summer Kisses, Winter Tears”, the Coasters/Paramounts classic “Bad Blood”, “Lay Down with Demons”, the haunting Goth-country title track and the epic John Cale cover “Buffalo Ballet” amongst others…

This extended version has “Just Dropped in” – a cover of Jerry “Killer” Lee Lewis’ version, Frankie Laine’s “Jezebel” and more…

Format: MP3 320kBit/s


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[ Buy Digital MP3 Album ] €11.99
# Track Name Duration Preview +Add
1 I Remember 2:56 €0.79
2 Bad Blood 2:16 €0.79
3 The Lethal Power of Love 2:49 €0.79
4 Summer Kisses Winter Tears 2:49 €0.79
5 Behind Brown Eyes 3:12 €0.79
6 Final Words from a Condemned Man 2:55 €0.79
7 There's a Lynchin' Party Goin' on 2:22 €0.79
8 Lay down with Demons 3:03 €0.79
9 Lucifer's Right Hand Man 2:36 €0.79
10 Buffalo Ballet 3:04 €0.79
11 Girl in the Velvet Dress of Blue 4:50 €0.79
12 Diesel Smoke '98 2:59 €0.79
13 Strange Kinda Feelin' 2:17 €0.79
14 The Train that Runs on Tracks of Fire 6:35 €0.79
15 The House I Live in 6:38 €0.79
16 Just Dropped in To See What Condition My Condition was in (Studio Demo - April 99) 2:29 €0.79
17 Buffalo Ballet (Alternative Mix - July 98) 3:04 €0.79
18 Helldorado (Bad Blood EP Version) 3:31 €0.79
19 Jezebel (Studio Demo - April 99) 3:48 €0.79
20 Lucifer's Right Hand Men (Alternative Mix - July 98) 2:36 €0.79
21 The Hand with the Will of Its Own (Studio Outtake - July 98) 2:13 €0.79

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